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Frequently Asked Questions About Research Tracker® II

Q. What kind of hardware and operating system are needed to run Research Tracker® II?

A. MDSS recommends workstations with at least 256MB of RAM Memory and 100MB of available hard drive space available for the program. The workstation should be running Windows XP or higher operating system. Monitors need a resolution of 1064x768 or higher.

The server should be the most powerful computer.  MDSS recommends the server have at least 1GB of RAM Memory and 10GB of available hard drive space available for the database. For larger SQL databases, the memory and disk space requirement may be significantly higher.

Q. Which version of Research Tracker® II is right for my company?

A. There are several factors to consider - the number of respondents in your database, the number of concurrent users who will work with Research Tracker® II, your existing network setup, and the need for remote connectivity.  Contact MDSS and we'll help you work to find the right solution.

Q. What happens if the version licensed now needs to be upgraded?

A. When upgrading, you will qualify for special upgrade pricing.  Many upgrades qualify for full credit, depending on the system licensed and the original license date.  All data in the existing system is retained.

Q. Our current database in some other format.  Can this information be transferred to Research Tracker® II or does it have to be reentered manually?

A. Nearly any type of electronic database file (e.g. Excel, ACT, dBase, FoxPro, Access, SQL) can be transferred to Research Tracker® II.  MDSS provides expert Data Conversion Services and has experience with a wide variety of formats (including Mac).

Q. How does Research Tracker® II run in a local network environment?

A. Research Tracker® II is distributed in two parts – the application (or front end) and the database (or back end). The front end is installed on each user's workstation.  The database is installed on a single shared location, typically a network server. The smaller Research Tracker® II versions are distributed with a Microsoft Access shared database.  The larger Research Tracker® II versions are distributed with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Q.  How does Research Tracker® II run in a web or virtual network environment?

A.  Research Tracker® II is not a web-based application, however it is possible to use Research Tracker from a remote location. Remote users may install the application (front end) on their PC and connect to the database (back end) using a high speed internet connection.  Or, using Terminal Services, remote users may connect to the entire system via the internet. Please contact MDSS for more information.

Q. What does the license price include?

A. The license price includes installation disks and instructions, reference manual, on-screen Help, and 90 days of free, unlimited technical assistance using our toll free number.  Customization, data conversion services, and add-on modules are priced separately. For complete product pricing, click here.

Q. What about technical support? 

A. Telephone technical support is readily available.  At the end of the initial 90 days, there are two options for ongoing technical support; an Extended Service Plan (covering an additional year) or Pay As You Go for support on an as-needed basis

Q. The person who wrote my old program is:  a) out of business  b) moved  c) no longer related to me.  I can't get support.  How do I know this won't happen with Research Tracker® II?

A. MDSS has been working with marketing research firms for 20 years.  The original Research Tracker® system was first sold in 1995 and has undergone numerous enhancements and upgrades.  Research Tracker® II is the culmination of 10 years of testing, customer feedback, and technological improvements.  MDSS is committed to ongoing product improvement and total customer satisfaction.

Q. How do I learn to use Research Tracker® II after I buy it?

A. During the initial 90-day time period, you are encouraged to contact MDSS as often as needed with any type of question. One-hour on-line training sessions may be scheduled.  The software also comes with a detailed Reference Manual.

MDSS also offers a one-day, comprehensive training class which can be scheduled at your location.  Call for details.

Q. What other software do I need to run Research Tracker® II

A. None.  The applications needed to run Research Tracker® II are distributed with the software or are available as free downloads from Microsoft.  Research Tracker® II is designed to interface with Microsoft Office products including MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.  In order to use Research Tracker® II for mail merge, emailing, and profile sheets, a standard version of MS Office is needed.

Q. I don't have a database.  What's the best way to build one?

A. You can enter respondent data directly into Research Tracker® II.  But the best approach is to have MDSS develop a Web Registrant Form and Data Import module and ask respondents to submit their information on your website. Call for more information.

Q. What if there are some features about Research Tracker® II that I want changed or added?  Can the system be modified?

A. MDSS has worked with many customers who required customization of the system.  This work is priced out on an hourly basis.  There are also several add-on modules, which can be acquired separately.  Click here to find out more about the Research Tracker® II Add-on Modules.

Q. How do I order Research Tracker® II?  What payment terms and methods do you accept?

A. To order, contact MDSS by phone at 317.541.9740. Payment of the software, any add-on modules or customization, along with 50% of estimated data conversion cost (if applicable), is required at the time of order.  Payment by check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) is accepted.  Normally, software is shipped the day after payment is received via 2-day UPS Air.  

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