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Data Conversion Services by MDSS

MDSS is pleased to offer expert data conversion services from your existing computerized files.  We have experience with a wide variety of formats including Excel spreadsheets, Paradox, Dbase, MS-SQL, FoxPro, and Access databases, as well as others. We have also developed a set of conversion programs for the FMS system.

How it works

If you are using your existing database on a regular basis, we will make every effort to minimize "down" time during the conversion.  We will also handle your data with the utmost discretion (read our Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Statement).  MDSS is NOT a marketing research company and will NEVER disclose or use your data for any purposes other than providing conversion services for you.

First, we will ask you to provide a recent backup of your files so that we can write the conversion programs.  After the protocol is developed and we have successfully completed a "dry run" conversion, we will have you send us (via overnight carrier or electronically) the most up to date files for the actual conversion.

If you are not using your existing database regularly, we will use the most current version of your files to program, test, and complete the conversion. 

What it costs

The price of data conversion is primarily determined by the number of respondent records to be converted.  As a general rule, data conversion costs average $.10 per respondent record (<25,000 records); $.08 per respondent record (25-75,000 records); and $.06 (>75,000 records).  This estimate includes converting participation or experience data for your respondents as well as client information.

A cost estimate for data conversion will be included in a Purchase Agreement for the software.  You will be responsible for paying 50% of this estimate, along with the cost of the software, at the time of the order.  After the conversion is complete, we will bill you again for the final cost of conversion, less your initial down payment.

The cost of data conversion will also be affected, to a lesser extent, by factors other than file size.   These include the number of custom multi-select fields created and the number of categories in each field. We charge by the hour for special programming that may be needed on a case by case basis.  

The final conversion cost will not vary by more than 15% (plus or minus) from the estimate we provide.

At your request, we will provide you with a worksheet detailing your final data conversion bill.

For more information, contact MDSS.

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