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"Take a Closer Look" will introduce you to Consumer Connection and let you view screen shots of the system features.  Please call or e-mail MDSS with your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The opening screen is the Consumer Connection Switchboard.  The Main Switchboard opens all of the six system modules - Data Loading, Reports Menu, Customer Communication, Frequency Distribution, Cross Tabulation, and Maintenance Menu.

Data Loading may be done manually or through electronic file import.  MDSS can help you integrate scanner technology to capture warranty card or consumer satisfaction survey data.

The Reports Menu lets you create your most critical reports at the touch of a button.  These reports are custom-designed based on your specifications.  Using one or more of the Filter Selections gives you unlimited report options.

Consumer Connection puts you in charge of customer communication.  Using the Customer Communication option, you can create mail/email reports or files, mailing labels, or telephone lists.  Using one or more of the Filter Selections lets you target certain demographics or geographic areas.

With Consumer Connection, you can easily produce statistical reports that will help you get inside the mind of your customers.  And, if you're planning new products, locations, or price changes, Consumer Connection can provide your marketing department with detailed information on all your existing market segments.

Frequency Distributions will reveal the distribution of responses on any single data field.  Using one or more Filter Selections lets you focus on certain demographics or geographic areas.

Consumer Connection's Cross Tabulation option gives you powerful statistical information without purchasing expensive software.

The Maintenance Menu provides access to a variety of system settings so you can customize Consumer Connection for your unique needs.  These settings can be changed at any time, giving you complete flexibility in tailoring the database to meet your changing needs.

Thanks for taking a Closer Look at Consumer Connection.  For pricing and system features, click here.

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