Consumer Connection
Features and Pricing

Consumer Connection is designed to hold a large number of responses to a relatively few number of questions.  It is ideally suited to product registration cards or customer satisfaction surveys.

Consumer Connection can run on a single computer workstation or on a local network.  In the network environment, multiple workstations share a common database file.  Multiple users can work with the data simultaneously.

A Basic Consumer Connection System includes:

  • Up to five concurrent users
  • MS Access database
  • Up to 10 data fields including up to 3 multiple response questions
  • 3 customized reports
  • Frequency distributions reports for all 10 fields
  • Cross tab reports for all 10 fields
  • Up to 5 filter fields
  • 90 days unlimited telephone technical support
  • System documentation

The cost of the Basic System is $5,500.

Additional users, data fields, reports, SQL Server database, and other customizations are priced separately.

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