What's A Decision Support System?

What's a Decision Support System?

MDSS designs decision support tools that give business people the information they need to make tough, informed, timely business decisions.

Decision support tools come in many shapes and sizes.  Everyone is familiar with financial tools.  Think of where you'd be without operating budgets, profit and loss statements, or cash flow projections.

If you produce goods, you use decision support tools to plan production, monitor inventory and track sales.

In marketing, decision support tools are used to identify potential customers and target advertising dollars.

If you're the head of a not for profit organization, you use decision support tools to help track donors as well as clients or patients.

A decision support system is a means of collecting, organizing, and storing information so that it can be quickly and easily extracted for the purpose of making business decisions.

At MDSS, we help companies create a better decision-making environment. We help organize data, making it easy to access.  And, we design the outputs you need to make crucial decisions.  The end product may be a computerized database system, a series of forecasts, a spreadsheet, a written report, or a board presentation.

Our unique combination of skills and experience can be brought together to create a decision support system that's right for your business.

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