Comparison of MS Access and MS SQL Database Versions

Research Tracker® II is distributed with either an MS Access database or MS SQL database.  When choosing the best version for your company's needs, the following features should be considered.

    1. SQL versions process queries faster, resulting in improved performance.

    2. SQL versions reduce network traffic in a multi-user environment.  This also results in better performance.

    3. SQL versions provide better reliability and data protection.  There is less opportunity for database corruption.

    4. SQL versions can handle larger volumes of data and more concurrent users. 

    5. SQL versions make backing up the database easier.

    6. SQL versions make better use of the resources of the server machine, so it is important to have the appropriate server hardware.

    7. SQL versions have advanced data recovery and security features.

    8. SQL versions can be run from remote locations using a high-speed internet connection.

    9. SQL versions require more server space.

    10. SQL versions can be more complicated to install.

Please contact MDSS with your questions about any version of Research Tracker® II.

To learn more about MS Access or MS SQL, visit the Microsoft web site at and search under either "Access" or "SQL Server".

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